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Pirates of the Caribbean : Master of the Seas – Surprise Coming December 24th!

A pop-up in the Pirates of the Caribbean : Master of the Seas game says: COMING SOON – DECEMBER 24TH – CLEAR THE DECKS AND LOAD THE CANNONS! THE GHOSTLY SEADOG CONTEST IS ON ITS WAY… So, what is the “Ghostly Seadog Contest”?…

Disneyland Number 1 Place for Instagram Photos

Instagram has posted the top places their users have used their Instagram App this past year. Disneyland was the number one place people were using Instagram in 2011. Considering the number of posts that can be found at InstaParks site, it seems pretty logical that this would be the outcome. The majority of the other […]

Where’s My Water? Updated to 1.3.0 – Stretched Thin

“Where’s My Water?” is updated once again, with a new chapter called “Stretched Thin”! The Disney team continues to come up with new curves to throw into the challenge, with this time using balloons to deliver water, poison, etc. Fill the balloons and/or pop them, to help you get Swampy the water he NEEDS! Official […]

“Where’s My Water?” Free Version Now Available

Price : Free Download : We’ve reviewed “Where’s My Water?” before, and perhaps you still had your doubts?! Now you can try the game for free! Beginning today, they’ll add a new level each day, with a “special gift” on Jan 1st! Download : Official Description: ENJOY THIS SPECIAL FREE VERSION WITH EXCLUSIVE NEW LEVELS […]

Pirates of the Caribbean : Master of the Seas Updated to 1.1.1

Nothing too exciting in this update to Pirates of the Caribbean : Master of the Seas, other than bug fixes and theoretical improvements in performance. Did you see any improvements? Download : What’s New in Version 1.1.1 Minor bug fixes and optimized performance.

Pirates of the Caribbean : Master of the Seas – Now on Android

Pirates of the Caribbean : Master of the Seas is now available on Android! The ad below popped up while playing on the iPhone, which seemed odd to me. I wonder how many people have both platforms? It doesn’t appear that the Android version is available for Kindle Fire yet, but hopefully it will be […]

Where’s My Water? Updated to 1.2.0 – Boiling Point

At the end of November, “Where’s My Water?” was once again updated with a new level, called Boiling Point. As the name implies, you have a new challenge of boiling the water to create steam. While most of the components have flowed down, steam flows up! You need to get the water to flow onto […]

Where’s My Water? for Android – Discounted to 10 Cents!

Thanks to a heads-up from Jason E.! It looks like “Where’s My Water?” is currently available in the Android Market for $.10. If you aren’t already addicted to the game, now is your chance!

Pirates of the Caribbean: Master of the Seas Updated to 1.1.0

Pirates of the Caribbean: Master of the Seas has been updated to version 1.1.0. The biggest feature added is the additional information provided when trying to battle a stronger opponent. The game will tell you what you need to buy to be abel to guarantee a win against the other pirate. Official description of the […]

Instagram for Android… Coming Soon!

Mashable and CNET are reporting that Instagram is working on an Android version of their app. Based on the large popularity of Disney fans already using Instagram, it will be interesting to see what sort of growth Android users will add to the trend!