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Instagram Android App Announced

Back in December, we posted about an Android Instagram App coming soon, but didn’t know when that might actually happen. We are now hearing that the Instagram Android app is in private beta testing. So, now the timing has moved from “soon” to “very soon”. Progress?

Disneyland Number 1 Place for Instagram Photos

Instagram has posted the top places their users have used their Instagram App this past year. Disneyland was the number one place people were using Instagram in 2011. Considering the number of posts that can be found at InstaParks site, it seems pretty logical that this would be the outcome. The majority of the other popular locations seem to be airports and museums. Check out Instagram’s blog post HERE.

Instagram for Android… Coming Soon!

Mashable and CNET are reporting that Instagram is working on an Android version of their app. Based on the large popularity of Disney fans already using Instagram, it will be interesting to see what sort of growth Android users will add to the trend!

Disneygram – Another Disney and Instagram Mash-up

Awhile back we posted about InstaParks.com, and the way people were focusing on Instagram usage at the Disney Parks.

Today we have another mash-up of Disney and Instagram, with a Facebook page called “Disneygram“. While Disneygram is still getting going, it is certainly a great idea. Many people are already posting pictures from their trips on Facebook, and this is taking it the next step. Go check out: Disneygram.

Casetagram – iPhone Case from Your Instagram Photos

We have talked about the Instagram iPhone app, including ways people are using the app in the parks.

An inventive group have now created Casetagram, to make iPhone cases based on your Instagram photos. Their online design tool allows you to choose different layouts, filters, and white or transparent case. This custom iPhone case can be yours for $34.95, which is about average in comparison to the cases available on the Apple Store. Overall, it seems like a very reasonable price for such a customized product.

Considering so many people are taking pictures of their Disney trips with Instagram, this could be a great way to make a souvenir of your travels.