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Review : New Trent IMP120D iCarrier Battery Pack

Rating: ★★★★½ 

Official Site: New Trent

When touring the Disney Parks, I am constantly tweeting pictures and videos of things I see and experience. Needless to say, my phone battery would drain quickly as it struggles to get the 3G connection to actually allow the media to get posted. There are often times it takes several retries to get a successful post or connection. I had a tendency to try to make sure to pace my usage so I wouldn’t run out of power before my next opportunity to plug-in and charge.

I started meeting more and more people who had battery packs that they would carry around in the parks, which allowed them to use their devices as much as they wanted! I met 5 different people using the same brand of battery pack, and it was New Trent. Everyone had great things to say about their experiences with the device, and highly recommended that I get one. It seemed obvious that I needed to give this a try.

I purchased the New Trent iCarrier battery pack, which at least two of my new friends owned. The pack has 2 USB ports, comprising of one at 1A and the other at 2A. The 2A port is what you will need for the typical tablet device. Either port will work great with the typical smartphone. Both ports can be used at the same time, so that you can keep the devices full of power. The 12000mAh capacity is described as having the ability to

  • Charge a “new iPad” (iPad3) : to 80%
  • Charge an iPad2 : 1.2-times
  • Charge an iPhone5 : 6-times
  • Charge an Android Galaxy S2 : 6-times

I now carry this battery pack with me whenever I am traveling, whether I am in the Parks or on a plane. I just use my phones and Kindle Fire as much as I want, knowing I can charge-up and keep having fun.

Apple’s New “Cards” App

Download :

During Apple’s big press day on October 4th, they announced their new app “Cards.” There are already several apps available which provide similar services. It seems as if Apple is going more for quality than cost. The cards will be printed using letterpress on cotton stock paper. U.S. customers can send a card within the U.S. for $2.99 including postage, or $4.99 anywhere else in the world.

Since the app utilizes photos from your phone, I can certainly see this as something people will use when touring Disney Parks. This would be a great way to send a “Wish You Were Here!” postcard to friends and family back home. Maybe you’ll send a picture of the family in front of Sleeping Beauty’s castle at Disneyland, or your child riding Dumbo at Walt Disney World. It might be interesting if they provide special backgrounds or character images if the GPS shows you are in or near a Disney Park.

Cards was officially released this week, and you can download it now!

Disney’s Anne Sweeney thinks Steve Jobs is a Pirate? Aaarrr!

Reuters has an interesting article about Anne Sweeney’s interaction with Steve Jobs, when they wanted to demo iTunes and a video iPod before they were launched! Apparently Steve Jobs showed up with an episode of ‘Lost’, on the iPod, and showed it to Anne. She was particularly concerned about how high quality the digital copy was, when they hadn’t ever provided it to Apple.

I am sure it is very possible that someone in Apple could have acquired the pisode via a “non-traditional” method, but I doubt it. Even in 2005, DVRs already existed and could have captured this episode at quite a high quality. It is entirely logical and reasonable that Apple would have gone out of their way to use an Disney owned property to pitch them on their new platform.

I also know that since at LEAST 2001, Apple has had people whose sole job is to test encoding videos with their Quicktime application. Apparently they do this encoding testing, to see how well it compares across multiple different source materials. THey a