Why SEO is crucial for your business

SEO is crucial because it makes your website more visible, and that means more traffic and more opportunities to convert prospects into customers.

Following a strategy and set of core product objectives is the core of ranking well in search engines. Following a great UX strategy is key to keep it consistent across the sites.

Other factors that need to be taken into account are which keywords to target and the order in which to enter them into the SERPs. It’s also important to pick keywords for each niche as they have different costs for paid, organic and social.

There are many SEO-focused tools out there that can help optimize your website or mobile app with optimized data and details.

When you’re growing a company, there’s a lot of effort involved to take down old, outdated content and put new, optimized content in its place. In addition to revamping content, it’s important to monitor and measure the ROI of your work. One way to do this is to use tools that let you track how visitors engage with your content and increase engagement. For instance, Buffer lets you track and see how engaged visitors are across your website in real time.

Automate content creation. If you’re not a content creator and just use content to create a sense of credibility and marketing value, you can automate much of that process, with little extra work.

Content and advertising

As content is a part of the overall user experience, it has to go through a review process before it can go live in Google News and in the SERPs. There are many companies that are doing this well, like Tubular.

As a marketing and content creator yourself, there are certain processes you need to follow as well.

Your product site needs to be structured well. While this can be achieved in other ways, this is a big time-saver and will make it easier to leverage tools that help maintain SEO, visit websites like Victorious to get all the details. Your product site needs to have a set of company values and the typical data and results pages, such as customers or analytics. For your blog, you have to put out detailed information about your company and also have dedicated content to explain how your company has been helping customers.

Put out your product or service at a consistent time. If you’re creating a product that you’ve been asking customers to buy for years, it makes sense to put out a product that shows off the new version first. Some product launches take place after a certain amount of time (e.g. a one-time sale) while others don’t. Similarly, some products might be rolled out over a longer period of time. The timing of your product launch or service launch has to do with your audience’s need and preference, business need and customer needs.

Get to know your customers. Your product, service or service offering needs to be tailored to the people you’re serving and how they would use your product or service. This may involve interviews with them or interviews with a representative or peers from the company. At Tubular, we partner with real people in different industries and at different stages of their life who provide us with valuable insights on their preferences, needs and motivations.

Read user reviews to gain insight into your product. Although Google might update its algorithms over time, reviews are still useful and relevant and serve as an important metric for your business.

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