Road Accident Cases

Personal injury cases are legal disputes that arise when one person suffers harm from an accident or injury, and someone else might be legally responsible for that harm.
So this is what happened to me! And there are hundreds of them every year. For some reason, no one seems to be able to remember to tell the truth about almost all of them.
A long time ago I had my motorcycle destroyed by a teenage driver when I was pulled over for speeding. This teen driver was careless and he killed my motorcycle. No one else was at fault and there was no obvious reason the police officer was even in the road, so I decided to get a lawyer from to help me with the case. The police were called and the teen driver was charged with reckless driving and held in custody for a month. I was notified and gave the teen driver a written notice of the charges against him. Shortly after this, a group of people with the word “illegal” in their names with numerous violations for speeding, dangerous driving, driving without insurance, failure to stop for red lights, taking excessive width of road, speeding, and other offenses sued me for compensatory and punitive damages and such. When I wrote the following to the judge I was waiting on:
Upon information and belief, the (name redacted) (driver) committed the following violations:
Speed 5 miles over the speed limit (reduced from 10).
Reduced speed to 35 m.p.h. (reduced from 35)
Ran a vehicle off the road and almost hit a pole.
Ran a vehicle dangerously through an intersection without slowing down (reduced from 3).
Stop sign only and failed to yield the right of way to oncoming traffic.
Gave a false address (reduced from 1)
Defeated (reduced from 1)
Went over the speed limit (reduced from 10)
Had no insurance.
Had no driver’s license.
Was charged with reckless driving, and the court set the fine at $4,500.00.
The police officer who made the stop and failed to stop for red light and stop sign was put on unpaid leave for 48 hours. (reduced from 30)
The teen driver was also charged with reckless driving, but he was able to serve his sentence in a county jail. The entire case was reduced from reckless driving to careless driving, but he was given a 6 month probationary period after he had to take a drunk driving class, and he was ordered to undergo training on how to be a safe driver.
The judge eventually dismissed the reckless driving charge against him. So he was able to be a driver for the next several years. During this period, (redacted) (driver) wrecked his car while driving under the influence (reduced from 1) and injured his fiance and son (reduced from 1).
At some point, the court system came to my attention and tried to collect on my fine and court costs. As a result, (redacted) (driver) was charged with “unjust enrichment” and found guilty. (redacted) (driver) was ordered to pay $3,000.00 to the court, $500.00 of which was offset by another $500.00 that I was ordered to pay as compensation. This was unfair because I feel like the case has turned up against me and now I am the culprit in their eyes. The professional injury lawyers from Barry Deacon Law injury lawyers from Barry Deacon Law are the best option to fight for this injustice and will make sure that the proper judgment is delivered in the same court again. Don’t take a step back when you found that you are falsely accused of the incident, instead of step up and fight for this injustice with the support from Barry Deacon Law firm
However, after the damages were determined, (redacted) (driver) took the matter to the Kentucky Superior Court.

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