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Review : Disney World Park Hours for Kindle Fire

Rating: ★★★☆☆ 

Official Site: Minneware
Price: $0.99
Download :

The “Disney World Park Hours” app for the Kindle Fire is very simple in design and scope. The intent of the app, is simply providing the hours of operation for the Magic Kingdom, Epcot, Hollywood Studios, and Animal Kingdom. To fill out the app a little more, they have included the water parks and events (eg. fireworks, shows) at the four main parks.

You start with a basic view showing the parks and the hours of operation for the day.

By selecting one of the parks, you are able to see the times of the different events happening at the park that day.

Want to look at the schedule for a specific day? No problem! Click on the “Select Date” button at the bottom and enter your date.

This is a very simple application, but the presentation is well done. A free version of the app is available, but the paid version is pretty inexpensive. I feel it might be a little much to have an entire app (especially paid) for information that can be found for free on the web, or included in other apps with more functionality.

Review : OLP WDW Transportation Wizard for Kindle Fire

Rating: ★★★☆☆ 

Price: $1.99
Download :

Official Site: Laughing Place Apps

At its heart, this is a very simple transportation application for use when touring around Walt Disney World. The app intends to provide guidance on how to travel from point A to point B on Disney World property, using various transportation methods.

You start-off with a listing of places you might be starting from for your adventure. After selecting your current location, you are then asked for your destination.

You are now presented with a list of transportation methods, with estimated travel times via each. You can use the menu button to find additional options to get support or go back a step.

The About and Help buttons take you to these screens…

I’m unable to verify the time estimates of this app, but I do know that bus and monorail timing can be very unpredictable. I would guess these are more of a best case scenario and this should be taken into consideration if you are using this app. The app has no frills or graphics to wow the user. The app is focused on data and functionality. It seems as if there could be more effort taken to make this more visually appealing. The time estimates did not match with my personal experiences, so your mileage may vary. Considering the cost of the app, I expect a lot more from it.

Review : Club Penguins Puffle Launch on Kindle Fire

Rating: ★★★★★ 

Price : $0.99
Download: Puffle Launch for Kindle FIre
Official Site: Puffle Launch

Overall the gameplay is the same as what is mentioned in the review of the iPhone version of Club Penguin’s Puffle Launch. The screen is obviously much larger, which makes it a little easier to see what is going on, and where you are trying to go. It is still a great game on this platform and still recommended!

Disney on the Amazon Kindle Fire

The Amazon Kindle Fire was released on Monday of this week. It is now Thursday, and there is little to show in way of Disney apps for the Amazon Kindle Fire. Amazon has chosen to follow the Apple model of limiting the kinds of apps supported by their device. Certainly these limitations are playing into the number of apps available. Over time, I would expect his number to grow rapidly.

Doing a quick search in the Amazon App Store for “disney” :

You’ll notice the only “official” Disney app is Club Penguin’s Puffle Launch.

How long will be until the popular “Where’s My Water?” app is released for the Kindle Fire? With all of the hype around Amazon’s new tablet, it should have an interesting future. A lot of reports indicate that there has been huge demand, and Amazon has the momentum to make it a significant mobile device! I’ll be keeping an eye out for Disney apps to review on the Kindle Fire.

Disney’s – Club Penguin’s Puffle Launch – Version 1.1 Released

Earlier today, I received an email from Jason, a reader, letting me know that there was an update to Puffle Launch. Sure enough, the update is available for Android, Kindle Fire, iPhone, and iPad! Thanks for the heads-up Jason!

The official statement regarding the release:

What’s New in Version 1.1
We hope you love Puffle Launch as much as we do. This update includes bug fixes, plus 12 new bonus levels!

Interestingly the additional levels are called “bonus” instead of another themed chapter. Perhaps they wanted to give people a teaser as they prepare bigger updates!?