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Review : Disney World Park Hours for Kindle Fire

Official Site: Minneware Price: $0.99 Download : The “Disney World Park Hours” app for the Kindle Fire is very simple in design and scope. The intent of the app, is simply providing the hours of operation for the Magic Kingdom, Epcot, Hollywood Studios, and Animal Kingdom. To fill out the app a little more, they […]

Review : OLP WDW Transportation Wizard for Kindle Fire

Price: $1.99 Download : Official Site: Laughing Place Apps At its heart, this is a very simple transportation application which will also be helpful for international shipping companies. The app intends to provide guidance on how to travel from point A to point B on Disney World property, using various transportation methods. You start-off with […]

“Where’s My Water?” Available for Android

Awhile back I reviewed “Where’s My Water?” for the iPhone, and now it is available for Android! When I had first became addicted to the game, I had told a friend that had an Android. At the time we were both surprised that it wasn’t available on the platform.

Disney Apps for iPhone and iPads on Sale!

Thanks to Babes in Disneyland for letting us know that there are several Disney apps on sale on iTunes. You can go directly to the section in iTunes HERE

Disney Pix for the iPad

Download Disney Pix : iTunes This looks like a great free app for people with an iPad! You can customize your photos with Disney themes and characters. While this is not a revolutionary concept, newer technology seems to help it look better and better. It is unfortunate that this is only available on the iPad, […]

Disney Releases Puffle Launch Lite – Free

Awhile back I reviewed Club Penguin’s Puffle Launch, but it was a pay-for-app. Puffle Launch started as a big success, but was quickly out-shadowed by the success of “Where’s My Water?”. It looks as if Disney is wanting to give Puffle Launch another push, by releasing a “lite” version of the app. If you hadn’t […]

Review : Tap Tap Muppets

Price: Free Download: [itunes link=”″ title=”Disney-Tap_Tap_Muppets”] Official Site: Tapulous If you are visiting this site, you are likely a person who is quite aware of the soon to be released (Nov 23) film The Muppets! Disney has been using a variety of viral marketing methods to get people excited about its release. One of the […]

Review : Club Penguins Puffle Launch on Kindle Fire

Price : $0.99 Download: Puffle Launch for Kindle FIre Official Site: Puffle Launch Overall the gameplay is the same as what is mentioned in the review of the iPhone version of Club Penguin’s Puffle Launch. The screen is obviously much larger, which makes it a little easier to see what is going on, and where […]

Disney on the Amazon Kindle Fire

The Amazon Kindle Fire was released on Monday of this week. It is now Thursday, and there is little to show in way of Disney apps for the Amazon Kindle Fire. Amazon has chosen to follow the Apple model of limiting the kinds of apps supported by their device. Certainly these limitations are playing into […]

Disney’s – Club Penguin’s Puffle Launch – Version 1.1 Released

Earlier today, I received an email from Jason, a reader, letting me know that there was an update to Puffle Launch. Sure enough, the update is available for Android, Kindle Fire, iPhone, and iPad! Thanks for the heads-up Jason! The official statement regarding the release: What’s New in Version 1.1 We hope you love Puffle […]