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One of the large costs of traveling to Walt Disney World, is the cost of lodging. We’ve all searched the many discount travel sites to search for the right place to stay, that works within our budget. There are often a lot of variables to consider, and today’s app throws out an attempt to try to help.

When launching the app, you’ll find it to be pretty simplistic in nature, and somewhat busy in displaying information. We start with the “News” section from the menu at the bottom of the screen. Oddly, if you look at the first screenshot, you’ll find many of the items listed have nothing to do with Orlando at all.

The second menu item is labeled “Youtube” and displays a list of presumed video tours of some of the offered resorts. I found it odd that some of the most popular resorts were not listed. When trying to actually play one of the videos, it actually went to the Kindle Fire web browser and CRASHED!

Next we move to the third menu item labeled “Photos”. Sadly, most of the images seem to have been ripped off of the hotel website or screen captured images of the resort photo gallery. There aren’t even real descriptions or captions for what you are looking at. Near the top, you can see something that looks like the filename of the image.

Finally we come to the “Contact Us” page, with a website and email address for additional information.

Overall, this app is a big waste of time and space on your Kindle Fire, in my opinion. The app seems to not be very wail maintained or setup. I can only guess that they are populating this via some search feed. More than anything, it seems to be an attempt at a marketing resource for a travel agent. I would have been very annoyed if this app had not been free.


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