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Puffle Launch Updated to 1.2 – 12 New Bonus Levels

Club Penguin’s Puffle Launch has been updated with 12 new bonus levels, as well as bug fixes. I had tried to do the update while I was on the run, but it wouldn’t allow me to due to it exceeding 20MB in size. I was forced to do the update over Wi-Fi or by connecting […]

Disney Releases Puffle Launch Lite – Free

Awhile back I reviewed Club Penguin’s Puffle Launch, but it was a pay-for-app. Puffle Launch started as a big success, but was quickly out-shadowed by the success of “Where’s My Water?”. It looks as if Disney is wanting to give Puffle Launch another push, by releasing a “lite” version of the app. If you hadn’t […]

Review : Club Penguin’s Puffle Launch

Price: $0.99 Download: [itunes link=”″ title=”Puffle Launch”] Official Site: Puffle Launch A few days ago I posted about the announcement of Club Penguin’s Puffle Launch release to the App Store. I wanted to make sure to take some time to really get into the game and test out its game play. I’ve now had a […]

Club Penguin Comes to the iPhone and iPad

Today there has been a lot of buzz about Disney releasing a Club Penguin app called Puffle Launch! The current word is that the iPhone/iPad app is very similar to the Puffle Launch on their website. Considering the many acquisitions that Disney has made in the mobile and social media areas, it should be easy […]