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Disney’s Anne Sweeney thinks Steve Jobs is a Pirate? Aaarrr!

Reuters has an interesting article about Anne Sweeney’s interaction with Steve Jobs, when they wanted to demo iTunes and a video iPod before they were launched! Apparently Steve Jobs showed up with an episode of ‘Lost’, on the iPod, and showed it to Anne. She was particularly concerned about how high quality the digital copy was, when they hadn’t ever provided it to Apple.

I am sure it is very possible that someone in Apple could have acquired the pisode via a “non-traditional” method, but I doubt it. Even in 2005, DVRs already existed and could have captured this episode at quite a high quality. It is entirely logical and reasonable that Apple would have gone out of their way to use an Disney owned property to pitch them on their new platform.

I also know that since at LEAST 2001, Apple has had people whose sole job is to test encoding videos with their Quicktime application. Apparently they do this encoding testing, to see how well it compares across multiple different source materials. THey a

Club Penguin Comes to the iPhone and iPad

Today there has been a lot of buzz about Disney releasing a Club Penguin app called Puffle Launch! The current word is that the iPhone/iPad app is very similar to the Puffle Launch on their website.

Considering the many acquisitions that Disney has made in the mobile and social media areas, it should be easy for them to make these kinds of releases. I would imagine that this is an area that they should be expanding rapidly.

I feel it is too early to give a review, but you can expect it to be coming soon. My initial reaction is that it feels like a cross between Angry Birds and Cut the Rope.

In the meantime, you can try it yourself at:

Trying to finance a project? Make an iPhone app!?

A lot of people have turned to iPhone apps to make some amazing amounts of money. Certainly there are crazy examples, such as Angry Birds. The barrier to entry is quite low, and lots of people have been some measure of successful.

According to the Orlando Sentinel, some former Disney animators are trying to finance a film project by creating an iPhone app. This certainly seems creative to me, and also odd at the same time. I would have expected they would have at least made it a viral tie-in to their project, but maybe that is still to come.

You can find the app at:

Best of luck in their efforts!

Review : Disney Gift Card App

Rating: ★★★★½ 

Price: Free

During my last visit to Disneyland, I went to purchase some items at the World of Disney store. When I was told the total, I pulled out 3 different Disney gift cards that I have been carrying in my wallet for months. I was embarrassed to be told, that the first card had no money left on it. I had been carrying this card around for months, and it had nothing on it!? Surely I should have known that it was empty!