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Review : Disney Store iPhone App

Price: Free Download: [itunes link=”″ title=”Disney-Disney_Store”] Official Site: Disney Store If you are a frequent visitor to, then there is a good chance you also visit as well. The Disney Store is the quintessential place for people to find merchandise themed with their favorite Disney characters. Now the has decided to join […]

Disney Releases Android Smartphones

Those who know their Disney history, will know that Tokyo Disneyland was the first park Disney built outside of the United States. Tokyo was given this great honor, due to the Japanese people being ultimate fans for Disney! Knowing that there is such a fanatical love for Disney in Japan, it is not surprising to […]

Epcot Food & Wine Festival Goes Mobile

Today, reported about a new Epcot Food & Wine Festival Mobile Guide. Apparently there will be QR codes around the event which will take you to the mobile guide. I did find that it took me to a slightly different version of the guide depending on whether I used the link or QR code […]

Gowalla 4 – What’s the Story?

Back on November 18, 2010, Gowalla made a HUGE announcement about partnering with Disney. Up until this time, I had not really taken the social location check-in phenomena very seriously. I figured this was a great time to jump in and learn what it was all about, and if it was something I might find […]

Review : Disney’s “Where’s My Water?”

Price: $0.99 Download: [itunes link=”″ title=”Disney-Wheres_My_Water”] Official Site: Where’s My Water? “Where’s My Water?” may not just be a question, that is the title of a new iPhone/iPad app, but may also be the answer to Disney’s future in the mobile gaming arena. Disney recently released Puffle Launch, and now an adventure with Swampy the […]

Touring Plans Updates Android Lines App

Touring Plans has released an update for the Android version of their Lines app. They’ve added navigation buttons in this version, to allow quick access to different sections of the app! If you are and Android user and don’t have the app, go check it out in the Android Market!

Mom’s on the Go, are Going Mobile

Disney Interactive Media Group have released some new research, which shows that Mom’s are increasing their usage of mobile and tablet devices! I don’t know if this should necessarily surprise anyone. it is getting harder and harder to even buy a phone that isn’t a “smartphone”. Once you have a smartphone, you easily get used […]

Instagram and Foursquare get iPhone App Updates

As has shown us, quite a few Disney Park travelers use Instagram to document their magical experiences and adventures. Instagram has released version 2.0 of their popular iPhone app ([itunes link=”″ title=”Burbn_Inc-Instagram”]). This update makes major changes to the way you take photos! Instagram has improved the speed of the app, added more filters, […]

Android Lines Update Reverted is reporting that people may have seen problems with the update to the Android version of their Lines app. If you downloaded the version with the quick tab navigation, we highly recommend that you delete this app and download the version of the application currently in the marketplace. I would imagine there are a […]

Review : Club Penguin’s Puffle Launch

Price: $0.99 Download: [itunes link=”″ title=”Puffle Launch”] Official Site: Puffle Launch A few days ago I posted about the announcement of Club Penguin’s Puffle Launch release to the App Store. I wanted to make sure to take some time to really get into the game and test out its game play. I’ve now had a […]