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Behind the Scenes : Where’s My Water?

A great video of the artists behind the game “Where’s My Water?”, and they get to share their excitement with you…

Review : Tap Tap Revenge 4

Rating: ★★★★☆ 

Price: Free w/ in-game paid
Official Site: Tapulous

The Tap Tap games from Tapulous are known to most people, but they may not realize that Disney bought them in 2010. At its heart, “Tap tap Revenge 4” is a music gaming app which reminds me a lot of Guitar Hero that I played o the Wii. Instead of having a guitar remote, you use your finger to tap on the iPhone. I was quickly addicted to Guitar Hero, so I was curious to see how this would translate to the Tap Tap series. It is a similar concept, but very different game-play.

In general, it seems that they include lesser known artist songs for free and charge a fee for popular artists/songs. Overall the app is well designed, easy to understand, and upfront about the potential additional costs. It is a great opportunity for upcoming artists to have their music get exposure to large amounts of people. As one might expect, they make it easy for you to purchase the actual songs for your iTunes collection.

I don’t think this is a game that I will be spending a lot of time playing, but that is mostly due to personal preference. Since the app itself is free to download, it is a low risk game to try yourself!

The Muppets Come Alive on the Small (iPhone) Screen via Viddy

In anticipation of the soon-to launch film Disney’s “The Muppets,” Disney and Viddy, the leading mobile social video app, today launch The Muppets Pack™. Featuring some of the beloved Muppets brought to life in 15-second video clips, the Muppet Pack offers fans a unique opportunity to create personalized interactive video clips with their favorite characters. Available via the iPhone Viddy app, the easy to use one-click effects and soundtrack give fans the opportunity to interact with the Muppets on film and get creative with producing their own video content.

Now available via Apple’s iTunes Store, the Viddy app features The Muppets Pack™, which was custom created in partnership with Disney. Featuring high-level motion production effects, the app brings high-resolution Muppets to an iPhone screen for use anywhere, anytime. These effects will feature Kermit, Fozzie Bear, Animal, Miss Piggy, and many more. Viddy users can capture & create 15-second video on their iPhones, apply the Muppets Pack™ of their choice and instantly share their artistic content via Viddy, as well as with share options for Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, Tumblr and email. Users can also embed the clips in their own websites or blogs.

Also launched today is, a centralized place on the web to view the exceptional content others are creating from around the globe featuring all Muppets Viddy content. Watch a sample video featuring football great Warren Sapp with Fozzie Bear online here: .

The development of The Muppets Pack™ on Viddy is a trendsetting move. It showcases how films like Disney’s “The Muppets” are leading the way with social network campaigns and interactive tools like Viddy to enhance audience engagement and promote films.

To use the app, download Viddy free:

Disneygram – Another Disney and Instagram Mash-up

Awhile back we posted about, and the way people were focusing on Instagram usage at the Disney Parks.

Today we have another mash-up of Disney and Instagram, with a Facebook page called “Disneygram“. While Disneygram is still getting going, it is certainly a great idea. Many people are already posting pictures from their trips on Facebook, and this is taking it the next step. Go check out: Disneygram.

Disney’s SideBySide – Handheld Projectors for Gaming

SideBySide - Handheld Projector from Disney Research

We’ve found a great article describing some research that Disney has been doing. Chances are that you have been playing games on your mobile device, and perhaps even some of them are multi-player enabled. Disney Research has been developing technology around handheld projectors that are able to interact with each other.

While the concept is certainly impressive and very cool, I wonder how likely it is to catch-on. It would require some common surface to point at to play. I imagine most people are playing games while traveling (plan, car, etc) where it may not be very convenient for this kind of interaction. Regardless, it is great to see this kind of research and the practical applications can be figured out down the road!

(via Disney Research)