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Review : Oscars App for iPhone and iPad

Rating: ★★★★★ 

Price: Free
Official Site: Oscars

Sunday, February 26th, marks the 84th Academy Awards®, also known as the Oscars. Disney and ABC Television have released an Oscars App to expand the viewers experience of this annual event.

Launching the app, I found it was interesting that the app forced a landscape mode. I hadn’t expected the landscape mode for the app, but the graphics looked great.

The first menu allows you to slide from side-to-side with different categories to learn about the 2012 Oscars. You’ll find tweets about the Oscar’s, information about the nominee’s, and movie trailers.

The second menu item is going to allow you a “Backstage Pass” to the Oscars while you are watching it live on your TV.

On February 26 at 7|4p we’ll take you behind the scenes for the ultimate insider’s view of Hollywood’s biggest night with more than a dozen live streams. Watch your favorite stars as they walk the red carpet, follow the winners backstage, and get an insider’s look as Hollywood’s elite mingle at the Governors Ball.

The third menu item provides the opportunity for you to create your own Academy Award ballot and share it with friends on Facebook.

The last menu item is for general information, feedback, and help with the Oscars App.

I’m pretty surprised that they have put so much effort into an app that is really intended for a very limited amount of time. I feel as if they made it unique and made sure to have very high quality graphics. Most of the content seems to be loaded remotely, but that is understandable with all of the video content and wanting to make sure it is all fresh. I think they did a great job with the app, and I’m curious to see how the “Backstage Pass” ends up turning out.


Official Description:

et the ultimate insider’s view of Hollywood’s biggest night with the official Oscars® app. Tune in into ABC on Oscar Sunday, February 26th and use the Backstage Pass feature to get exclusive access to live streams from 24 cameras placed throughout the Red Carpet, Backstage and at the Governors Ball so you can watch more live Oscar action as it’s taking place. Only available in the US. Please be aware that the Oscars app does not stream the TV broadcast.

The Oscars® app has more cameras than anywhere else following all the action on the Red Carpet, in the Kodak Theatre and even at the ultra A-list after party, the Governor’s ball. This is the perfect companion app to have when watching the show on TV.

Once you download the app, you’ll be a virtual member of The Academy with insider information on all the Oscar buzz, a first person view of the Red Carpet and exclusive backstage access to Hollywood’s biggest night. Use the app In WATCH mode and sit back, grab the popcorn and enjoy our live hosted experience on the Red Carpet and Backstage. For those aspiring directors, switch to DIRECT mode and pick any of our six camera vantage points and zoom in to whatever action you want to see. With Oscars® you get more access, more glamour, more of everything you love!

The app is available for iPad, iPhone and iPod touch.

The “My Picks” game allows you to predict who you think will win and share your predictions with friends. A Facebook account is required to use My Picks.

For complete coverage on The Oscars®, visit

Oscar Sunday on ABC begins 7et|4pt
February 26, 2012

Oscars® requires an Internet connection from a United States or US territory based ISP and iOS 4.2+.

ABC Digital Web SiteOscars Support
What’s New in Version 2.1
– Improvements to the Backstage Pass behind the scenes experience
– Bug fixes
– Links in the Twitter modules are now tappable

You must be located in the United States or its territories to use this app.

Pirates of the Caribbean : Master of the Seas – Cursed Seadog Contest

Back in December, we had the chance to battle the Ghostly Seadog in Pirates of the Caribbean : Master of the Seas. Yesterday we had a similar pop-up, but it was slightly different and warned us of a new challenge to arrive today. Interestingly, the images and wording was slightly different. This time it seems to say “Cursed” instead of “Ghostly”.

The graphics were very similar, but the new one has a moon and slightly different coins. I also find it interesting that the last one was on 12/24, and this one is on 2/24… both on the 24th of a month!?

Today we have arrived at the day of the contest start. The app opens to an explanation:

Are ye ready to take part in the hunt again? A mysterious Cursed Seadog is still wreaking havoc across the seas, waging battle, then vanishin’ in a flash. But be among the first 2000 to send her to the depths 10 times in the next 15 days and you’ll reap the rewards. “Cursed Sabre”.

We see the progress at the time of this writing shows 167 people have accomplished the task.

Have you found the Cursed Seadog?

Where’s My Water? Shirts and Other Merchandise

I’m a big fan of the Where’s My Water? app and now the is featuring Swampy from Where’s my Water? You’ll find Swampy on shirts, mugs, iPhone cases, and more!

Review : Live365 App for Kindle Fire

Rating: ★★★★½ 

Official Site: Live365
Price: Free
Download :

When I am feeling down and need something to cheer me up, sometimes I wish I could be at one fo the Disney Parks. As a consolation, I can instead listen to Disney music from the Disney Parks. There are several different radio stations hosted on Live365, that play only Disney soundtracks and Disney Parks music. Thankfully, Live365 has released an app for the Kindle Fire.

Launching the app takes you to the Search and Genre selection. If you go to the More menu item, you can login or change general settings.

The Top Stations menu has an expected selection of popular stations that are available. The final menu item available is the My Presets selection. You will want to login to your Live365 account if you already have one, or sign-up for a new account.

Here we can see that I’ve logged in and it is display several Disney themed stations that I enjoy. Some of my favorite stations are the ones done by Mouse World Radio. Selecting one of the stations starts the stream buffering. You’ll notice the usual controls for an audio player, as well as info regarding the current track being played.

The app is not terribly complicated, and has a very usable interface. I’ve always enjoyed the Live365 service, and this is no exception. They have done a great job of making sure their apps work well on many platforms. It feels as if the proportions could be slightly improved for the Kindle Fire, but otherwise this is a great app for your Kindle Fire.

Review : Hotels in Orlando App for Kindle Fire

Rating: ★☆☆☆☆ 

Official Site: Hotels in Orlando
Price: Free
Download :

One of the large costs of traveling to Walt Disney World, is the cost of lodging. We’ve all searched the many discount travel sites to search for the right place to stay, that works within our budget. There are often a lot of variables to consider, and today’s app throws out an attempt to try to help.

Disney’s “Where’s My Water?” Updated – Cranky’s Story


When we first started with “Where’s My Water?”, we were following the story of Swampy. The game has expanded to give a little hint of Cranky, another alligator. You get access to five levels, but will need to pay another $0.99 to gain access to more. Cranky’s Story is kind of an “opposite world” to Swampy. In Cranky’s Story, water is not desirable and becomes your enemy.

Once you get the update and launch the app, you’re notified of the addition of Cranky’s story.

We start with “Cranky’s First Course”.

There is a teaser of the “Hunger Pains” levels, but we’ll have to pay to get access to those! Starting Cranky’s First Course, we are presented with Cranky Challenge 1.
Cranky Challenge 1 Details:

  • Level 1-7 : “Drain It First” – Triduck the level…but with Cranky Ducks!
  • Level 7-4 : “Balloon Bridge” – Triduck the level without using the balloon.
  • Level 2-11 : “Double Jump” – Run out of water without getting any of it to Swampy.

Let’s get the party started and play these new levels! You’ll immediately notice that it looks very familiar, but with a Cranky twist. You are play with purple acid instead of the water that you are used to.

To gain access to the rest of Cranky’s Story, you need to do an “in-app” purchase. It is intereting that they chose to do an in-app upgrade/purchase, instead of doing a separate app purchase like Angry Birds Seasons or Angry Birds Rio.


Official Release Notes:

What’s New in Version 1.3.6
Thank you for playing and for all of your feedback! We have resolved crash bugs related to the Cranky’s Story update, and have fixed other minor issues to optimize the overall gameplay experience. Coming soon – more free updates to Swampy’s Story!

Now test your skills with “Cranky’s Story”! Enjoy five of these all-new puzzles for free!

Cranky is the toughest alligator around, and he has worked up an appetite from sabotaging Swampy’s water supply. He eats anything, especially all the rotting and disgusting junk found in the dumps and sewers. Cranky will not eat vegetables however, and now his food is covered with vegetable-like algae. Use the dirty purple water to clean off Cranky’s plate so he can eat!

Cranky’s Story is an in-app purchase with more than 50 super-challenging puzzles, including Cranky’s Challenge – four unique puzzle packs with 16 special levels for the most-skilled puzzle solvers.

Have you “Tri-Ducked” the game yet and completed all the bonus levels? Let us know at

Pirates of the Caribbean: Master of the Seas Updated to 1.1.2

Check out our review of Pirates of the Caribbean: Master of the Seas, if you haven’t already.

Download :

Official Description :

What’s New in Version 1.1.2
Thanks for downloading! This update includes bug fixes and several new features:

New day and night cycles added. Master the seas during the day and night!
Invite friends to join your crew via Facebook and receive special rewards!
Rescue crew members who’ve fallen overboard.
Updated Push Notification settings.
Players have the ability to master a quest for the price of a gem.
Players can purchase and gift gems to their friends.
Players can now send gifts in bulk to crew members.
Players can now rescind invites.

Download :

Disneyland Explorer for iPad

Do you love Disneyland, but not have any future visits planned? Disneyland Explorer may be a way to help quench your thirst for some Disney magic. You can explorer the park and interact with some of the attractions and areas of the parks. The app is free, so check it out!

Download :

Official Description:

Take a spin around The Happiest App on Earth!

Explore the sights and sounds of Disneyland® Resort with this official Disney Parks application, available only for iPad. Discover the Magic as you swipe your way through an incredible photo-fantastic re-creation of Disneyland® Park, Disney California Adventure® Park, Downtown Disney® District, and all three Hotels of the Disneyland Resort. Along the way, enjoy exciting interactive activities based on classic attractions


• Highlights from over 130 attractions, characters, and entertainment across the Resort
• Gorgeous high-res imagery, from photographs and 360 panoramas to live action video and animation
• Exclusive digital postcards you can share with your friends

And don’t miss all the exciting activities based on classic attractions:

• Fire a cannon on the high seas in Pirates of the Caribbean
• Tour the galaxy with Star Tours: the Adventures Continue
• Learn to draw your favorite Disney Characters at the Animation Academy
• Create your own musical water show in World of Color
• And many more!

Download :

Disney Mobile Launches New Phones in Japan

Today, Engaget reported that Disney is launching new phones with the DoCoMo brand, in Japan. These new phones will be Android based and provide exclusive access to Disney content. This seems to be a similar them to the Disney phones that were discussed last fall. Disney appears to be strongly targeting the Japanese market with new phones. It will be interesting to see if we ever see this kind of market focus in the US. With the potential use of smartphones in their theme parks, it would seem to be a logical direction.