Disney Instagram Aggregation



Many Disney fans and travelers have begun using the Instagram app to share photos on Twitter, from their iPhone. So many of us follow our favorite Disney Twitter accounts, to get a glimpse of other people’s adventures. As Instagram illustrates, people love to see pictures of the magic others are experiencing.

What if you could have a focused Twitter stream of ONLY Instagram photos from Disney Parks? Henry Work (BetaMouse and TouringPlans.com) had this idea and sought a solution! Tom Bricker provides a great illustration of what these feeds are and what they look like at DisneyTouristBlog.com.

You can also directly follow on Twitter at:
Disneyland – @InstaLand
Walt Disney World – @InstaWorld
Disneyland Paris – @InstaParcs
Tokyo Disneyland – @InstaLandTokyo
Hong Kong Disneyland – @InstaLandHK

UPDATE: Rustin Jessen decided to take it one step further to create InstaParks.com!


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