Instagram and Foursquare get iPhone App Updates



As has shown us, quite a few Disney Park travelers use Instagram to document their magical experiences and adventures.

Instagram has released version 2.0 of their popular iPhone app ([itunes link=”″ title=”Burbn_Inc-Instagram”]). This update makes major changes to the way you take photos! Instagram has improved the speed of the app, added more filters, and changed the photo interface. To take things even further, you can now apply filters to the live image on the app and save images at higher resolution.

Another popular thing Disney tourists like to do is check into social location networks such as Foursquare. The update to Foursquare’s app ([itunes link=”″ title=”foursquare-foursquare”]) provides an enhancement to the “lists” section, allowing a lot more options. Lists are typically used to save and share locations with other users. While this update isn’t as drastic as Instagram, it is still quite significant for people who are power “list” users.


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