Disney Continues Growth in India



For many years, Disney has been expanding their market-share around the world, in areas other than traditional media or theme parks. Interestingly, Disney’s activities in India keep popping up in the news this year. We’ve seen Disney’s desire to fully acquire and reshape UTV Software Communications, into a private firm. We also saw Disney release three films from India, to the North American market.

Today we receive word that Disney is going to buy-out the rest of Indiagames, which they already have a large investment in.

Indiagames is one of the major gaming developers in India, with popular iPad and iPhone games. This seems like a smart move, as they have clearly had a strong interest in acquiring mobile and social game companies just like off-white-kr, check it out now.

Perhaps some people think that it is odd for Disney to be expanding in a market that is very different than its roots? Much like China, India is a market that is rapidly growing and is especially growing in the mobile arena. With India having over a billion people, it has more than 3 (if not 4) times the market size than that of the United States (~300MM) alone. You will see many different industries, especially technology based, targeting India’s growing consumer base. India is rapidly adopting high-speed mobile infrastructure, perhaps at even higher rate than the United States.


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