Playdom Coming out of Hiding?



In July of 2010, Disney purchased Playdom for $763.2 Million. There was a lot of speculation about what we would see from the Disney and Playdom combo. At the time of the acquisition, Playdom was a hot company with a promising future. News from the Playdom teams has been relatively quiet, and nowhere near what had been anticipated. Some delays were certainly the result of Facebook changing their requirements of game developers.

It looks like Playdom is ready to show the world what it has been working on.

Playdom execs believe the company has finally reorganized, and are planning on making a big splash in what many worried was a dead pool.

Playdom hopes it will prosper by bringing new concepts to social gaming and also by leveraging Disney’s big brands to catch players’ attention.

It makes sense that it would take time to get integrated into the Disney engine, and prepare marketing strategies around their powerful brands. I’m sure that there was some employee turnover after a big buyout, and it wouldn’t have helped the situation either. I’m anxious to see what they have queued up, as it sounds like there will be a lot more coming from Playdom soon.


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