Review : Pirates of the Caribbean: Master of the Seas

Rating: ★★★★☆ 

Price: Free
Download: [itunes link=”″ title=”Disney-Pirates_of_the_Caribbean_Master_of_the_Seas”]
Official Site: Disney

Pirates of the Caribbean: Master of the Seas, is a strategy adventure game for your iPad and iPhone. While many of the Wheres My Water and Angry Birds games are more puzzle and skill based, Master of the Seas is much more like World of Warcraft or Neverwinter Nights, in which you are trying to buy weapons and gain experience points. There is also a social aspect to the game, as you can connect with Facebook friends and/or other people playing the game. In addition there was an online slot that made Pirates of the Caribbean as a theme, you may visit now to enjoy the amazing world of pirates now. As part of the game you need to acquire crew, which can cost “gems” or can be other people playing the game. Considering the cost of buying a crew member, there is a strong incentive to team up with other players.

When launching the game the first time, it allows you to choose a name and the flag that will mark your territory as you master the seas.

Next, Captain Jack Sparrow takes you through a fairly informative guide of using the app and how the flow of the game works.

Now it is time to become “Master of the Seas”, by conquering other ships in battle and plundering islands. The ship battles entail you firing upon other players, and naturally incurring your own damage as well. You’ll spend Stamina, and Health, which are all consumable and refilled by gold or time.

While plundering the islands, you are faced with quests which will require you to make choices of how to accomplish them. While working on quests, you gain experience points and gold at the cost of Energy. Much like Stamina and Health, Energy can be replenished with time or spending Gems that you collect.

When I first started playing the game, I was a little confused and surprised by the game play. As I poked around and started to play with it, it quickly became addictive. I did run into a weird issue where I get an error mess saying “This game is not recognized by Game Center”. Either Disney decided not to participate in Game Center, or I have somehow managed to do something wrong. The game has great graphics and very smooth motion while wandering from island to island. If you like these strategy type games, you should give it a try since it is FREE! I didn’t give it 5 stars, due to the repeated errors about Game Center and some early confusion of how to use the game. They are already on version 1.0.2, so they seem to be working on bugs and making improvements.

Download: [itunes link=”″ title=”Disney-Pirates_of_the_Caribbean_Master_of_the_Seas”]

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  1. Christopher says:

    I’m on level 7, and I just figured out the game. Is there a way to get more gems without spending any money? Or am I doomed because I spent all of my gems already.

    • barti says:

      if you haven already used a promo code then use P0K1C3 and get a boat load of gems!

    • capt_relik says:

      If you browse around the sea every so often and click on the boats and wrecks you will get gold and sometimes a gem.
      You can also buy properties on the islands and the buildings made of stone are purchased with gems and generate ongoing gem revenue for you.
      You get a gem usually when you level up.
      Sometimes you can get gems if you open an unlocked chest but that has only happened to me once.
      Also, once every 5 days of consecutive logins you get some gems.

    • NyteSong says:

      Christopher, although POTC is an AWESOME game for *free*, ya kinda need to spend money at the beginning. Otherwise the game moves slooowly.
      About $20 should do, as when you move up, you can *acquire* gems. I find a LOT in floating chests!
      Another option… add friends to game by email under the crew tab. That’ll get you 20 gems per acceptance! Plus you’all be on their crew and they’ll be on yours. So you can be sure to gift each other!

    • SirGasket says:

      Please add “SirGasket”, I’m level 87, and I gift daily.

      If you’re new, please use promotion code R2Y8V2 to receive 20 free gems.

  2. Bill says:

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  3. SirOggs says:

    Add me for daily gifts: SirOggs

  4. SirOggs says:

    To find the Cursed Seadog ship in the contest, scroll all over the sea when the clock begins to shake. You will find a different blue ship for a short time.

  5. Eric says:

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  7. amresh says:

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  8. trill says:

    i use secret to find ghost ship many times as in one night.. How?? go to setting at ur iPhone or else as time as increase three hours later than go to back to game.. u will see ghost ship appear.. Once u beat it then do repeat as one day next as changing.. That how i got reward… that how people got it as reward.. now i see 1160 of 2000. If u follow exact processing what i just told you. You will be one of 2000.

  9. Martin says:

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  12. Erstschlag says:

    Cool Game, Lot of fun.

    But I need more Pirates fpr my Crew.

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    or add me under the name: erstschlag

    Daily gifts garanteed ;)

  13. wailun says:

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  14. searellik says:

    I was cpt_relik but lost my account. Disney repaired me but I am now SEARELLIK.
    Add me. I gift canno, weapons, amulets, and tackle daily (when my account woks :)

    • gwade70 says:

      add me gwade70 ….I send Great gifts Daily …..LVL/66…..Get 20 free gems, just enter Promotional code: C5B1N7 (click the wrench on the lower right hand side and then hit the promotion button)…..If you are new, here’s a few helpful hints..Don’t send Stamina or gold…they really won’t help anyone out…Weapons, Armor, or Energy is the best gift…You can also exit out of the screen and hit gifts again to select the best gifts, you may have to do this 3 or 4 times to send the best gifts…Last, invite higher ranked ships, they send the best gifts…Good luck

  15. CaptainFlogMyLog says:

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  19. PollywantCracker says:

    how do i use gifts from players like Energy?
    cause i wont add it automatic and i couldnt find way so far in options to refill trough the giftmessages ingame
    i start to consider that my tab isnt 100% compatible with the game :( (Galaxy Tab 10.1)

    • capt_relik says:

      I play on a Galaxy Tab 10.1 and everything seems to work (I think). I have noticed the game crashes a lot but all the features seem to work.. that being said, the admin feature to out in your email address is not functioning.. not sure if that is the whole game or just the Galaxy Tab.

      My energy fills fine but you will only fill to your energy max. You may get 500 units of energy given to you as gifts but if you max is 160 that is the top and the rest is gone.

      • NyteSong says:

        Same thing happens on my Xoom! Those loooooong assigned names. I kept seeing sailing around with 4 crew members and tons of gold they can’t defend!

        • NyteSong says:

          Oops. This comment if for Relik’s comment below regarding difficulty adding players with Privateer .. followed by a Bunch of numbers. Sorry.

  20. GreyFeather says:

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  21. Takashi says:

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  24. capt_relik says:

    If you are about to download and join this game please keep in mind that, at least on my Galaxy devices, most places that display other pirates, the interface cuts off long player names… so try and keep your account name under, say 12 or 15 characters.

    For example, many users go with the default user name that is offered. This is frequently Privateer123456789 or Pirate123456789 where 123456789 is a sequential or random number… when I look up players, usually in the battle window, to get names to send add requests to to add to my crew, I see Privateer123… or Pirate1234… .. the game cuts off the last few characters. (It is possible to find out their names but it is a PITA and I usually just skip them.) I would bet that players with long names have many fewer adds.

    My bottom line suggestion to help increase your crew adds:
    Select a pirate name that is short, easy to remember, and easy to type on a mobile device.

  25. capt_relik says:

    If I gift you an item that is above your game level, will you receive it even if you cannot use it; will you not see it at all (and not realize that I sent you a gift); or will you receive it and not be able to use it until you reach that item’s level?

    Does anyone know?


    PS. I posted this over on but nobody responded. I think more people read this thread.

    • NyteSong says:

      Capt_Relik, with the new bulk gifting issues, whatever is gifted goes through the servers and comes out in a random fashion suitable to the player’s level OR BELOW. We did a test using over 200 crew members. All over level 100 and all gifted carvel planking. Less than 25 received the planking. The rest received random gifts of lesser value all the way down to rabbit’s foot!

      And, if you only gift one player and the gift you send is above that player’s level, the server will randomly choose a gift that is that player’s level OR BELOW.

  26. trill says:

    many people were not respond this due updated for POTC . it got me as not able to access it for few days.. i almost give up and uninstalled app. I still keep and see if it will be access. I have not able to access. I wish they didnt update in first place.. now it is screw up and million people already lost interested to do this anymore.. i have no idea if i still have all crew.. if they removed it due server screw up.. they will start to uninstalled and search other games to play.

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  36. […] last week, I received a pop-up in Pirates of the Caribbean : Master of the Seas, indicating an upcoming contest. It looked like […]

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