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As a visitor to this site, it is assumed that you are a Disney fan and are likely attempt to visit the Disney Parks as often as possible. The [amazon asin=B0062UKTJ4&text=WDW Resort Researcher] app intends to help you satisfy your resort planning questions.

The app starts with a sparse interface, presenting a list of resort options at the Walt Disney World resorts. If you select one of the resorts, it will present you with an overall rating with a few teasers of user provided reviews. Near the top you’ll see two buttons, one for pictures and the other is the price calculator.

Selecting the pictures icon, will load (via the internet) a variety of different images of the resort you are investigating.

Selecting the Calculator button, you be asked for the number of days you are staying and the starting date of your trip.

Next you are asked about the room type you are interested in (standard, preferred, etc). Finally, you are presented with the rack rate for the stay at the resort. Here we finally see that you can email them to get discounts and to book your vacation!?

I was extremely disappointed with this app. I basically paid $1.99 for an advertisement app from this group. The app is not well done, and I would feel much more comfortable getting reviews from a travel review site, or at least someone who is being more upfront about their motives. I would have no problem with this app if it had been free. I realize that is getting the majority of the money I paid, but it just feels wrong to me. At the very least they could have provided a better UI and more information on the resorts. It feels very cheaply thrown together. I recommend AVOIDING this app.

Official Description:

Picture this: you are on your way to work on a dreary day. Your mind is filled with thoughts of your upcoming trip or dream vacation to Walt Disney World, and you begin to think about where to stay at the theme park. With the WDW Resort Researcher app on your Android device, you can explore all of the fantastic options available.

Peruse the various resorts and access member ratings and reviews, pictures, and floor plans. The WDW Resort Researcher app also features a calculator icon so you can gauge rates, which do not include additional fees or taxes and are subject to change. Just enter a start date, number of nights, room type, and property to view the cost. Wouldn’t it be fun to stay at the Grand Floridian Resort and Spa? Or maybe the Animal Kingdom Villas are more your style?

User reviews and photos are updated regularly. Rates for the Swan and Dolphin resort are not included. Internet connection is required.


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