Review : Intocircuit 11200mAh Dual USB Portable External Battery Charger

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There is no doubt in my mind that everyone needs to travel with a battery pack, but finding the right one for your needs can be a challenging task. I was able to review the “Intocircuit 11200mAh Dual USB Portable External Battery Charger” as a candidate to replace some of my aging chargers. This battery pack is particularly unique due to its LCD display, showing you how much battery you have left. Many battery packs expect you to interpret some combination of solid and flashing leds on the case, for you to determine how much charge you have left. I’ve certainly been in situations where I had less bettery left than I needed, because of misinterpretation. With the Intocircuit 11200mAh pack, you know exactly how much of the batter is left AND how much is needed to charge when you are charging it back up. I also liked this battery pack due to the automatic enabling of the USB ports for charging. Most of my other battery packs require you to connect the cables and then press a button to initiate or force stop the charging. Having the charging automatically start helps ensure things happen quickly, and you don’t forget to press the button. I was able to charge a completely dead iPhone 5S in ~3hrs, and it utilized 16% of the battery while using the 2.1A port. I was quite pleased with this performance and usage. Overall, I’m excited to now use this as my main battery pack for my upcoming travels, and would recommend it as a great option for your future needs!

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