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Review : Hotels in Orlando App for Kindle Fire

Official Site: Hotels in Orlando Price: Free Download : One of the large costs of traveling to Walt Disney World, is the cost of lodging. We’ve all searched the many discount travel sites to search for the right place to stay, that works within our budget. There are often a lot of variables to consider, […]

Review : Disney App for iPhone and iPad

Price: Free Download: Official Site: Disney The official and “main” Disney app is advertised to be “everything you love and expect from Disney in one FREE custom application.” Be prepared that this is currently a 37.3MB download. While this sounds like a large download, it used to be quite a bit larger in a previous […]

Review : Phineas and Ferb Arcade for iPhone and iPad

Price: $0.99 Download: Official Site: Disney Long have I heard about the hilarity of the Phineas and Ferb tv show. During this holiday break, I finally had the opportunity to watch a few episodes. With a brief understanding of the spirit of the show and appreciation for their humor, I figured it would be an […]

Review : Disney’s Where’s My Water? for Kindle Fire

Official Site: Disney’s Where’s My Water? Price: $0.99 Download : I previously reviewed Disney’s Where’s My Water? for the iPhone, and gave it 5 stars. Needless to say, the game is essentially the same on the Kindle Fire. Due to the similarity, I would recommend reading the iPhone review for more details, and I’ll talk […]

Review : WDW Resort Researcher App for Kindle Fire

Official Site: Laughing Place Apps Price: $1.99 Download : As a visitor to this site, it is assumed that you are a Disney fan and are likely attempt to visit the Disney Parks as often as possible. The WDW Resort Researcher app intends to help you satisfy your resort planning questions. The app starts with […]

Review : Stitcher – Internet Radio and Podcast App for Kindle Fire

Official Site: Stitcher Price: Free Download : Many people have come to associate their mobile devices as being audio devices. We download our music and podcasts to listen to while we are traveling and generally mobile. The Kindle Fire was designed as an e-reader first and tablet second. As such, the Kindle Fire doesn’t have […]

Review : Where’s My Water? Free – 10 Days of Swampy

Price: Free Download: Official Site: Where’s My Water? Free Several days ago, we had shared the announcement of Swampy having a “Where’s My Water?” Free edition released. It sounded as if it was a limited edition of our highly rated paid version of Where’s My Water?. With the holidays approaching, I hadn’t had time to […]

Review : Disney World Park Hours for Kindle Fire

Official Site: Minneware Price: $0.99 Download : The “Disney World Park Hours” app for the Kindle Fire is very simple in design and scope. The intent of the app, is simply providing the hours of operation for the Magic Kingdom, Epcot, Hollywood Studios, and Animal Kingdom. To fill out the app a little more, they […]

Review : OLP WDW Transportation Wizard for Kindle Fire

Price: $1.99 Download : Official Site: Laughing Place Apps At its heart, this is a very simple transportation application for use when touring around Walt Disney World. The app intends to provide guidance on how to travel from point A to point B on Disney World property, using various transportation methods. You start-off with a […]

Review : Tap Tap Muppets

Price: Free Download: Official Site: Tapulous If you are visiting this site, you are likely a person who is quite aware of the soon to be released (Nov 23) film The Muppets! Disney has been using a variety of viral marketing methods to get people excited about its release. One of the additional marketing methods […]