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Disney Apps on the Kindle Fire

When I first purchased a Kindle Fire, there were only a handful of Disney related apps available. It is now a little over a year later, and things have changed dramatically. More and more people are asking me about apps for their Kindle device, so I figured it was time to give a simple pointer!

If YOU are looking for a quick way to find reviews of Disney apps and accessories, you can click HERE.

Review : New Trent IMP120D iCarrier Battery Pack

Rating: ★★★★½ 

Official Site: New Trent

When touring the Disney Parks, I am constantly tweeting pictures and videos of things I see and experience. Needless to say, my phone battery would drain quickly as it struggles to get the 3G connection to actually allow the media to get posted. There are often times it takes several retries to get a successful post or connection. I had a tendency to try to make sure to pace my usage so I wouldn’t run out of power before my next opportunity to plug-in and charge.

I started meeting more and more people who had battery packs that they would carry around in the parks, which allowed them to use their devices as much as they wanted! I met 5 different people using the same brand of battery pack, and it was New Trent. Everyone had great things to say about their experiences with the device, and highly recommended that I get one. It seemed obvious that I needed to give this a try.

I purchased the New Trent iCarrier battery pack, which at least two of my new friends owned. The pack has 2 USB ports, comprising of one at 1A and the other at 2A. The 2A port is what you will need for the typical tablet device. Either port will work great with the typical smartphone. Both ports can be used at the same time, so that you can keep the devices full of power. The 12000mAh capacity is described as having the ability to

  • Charge a “new iPad” (iPad3) : to 80%
  • Charge an iPad2 : 1.2-times
  • Charge an iPhone5 : 6-times
  • Charge an Android Galaxy S2 : 6-times

I now carry this battery pack with me whenever I am traveling, whether I am in the Parks or on a plane. I just use my phones and Kindle Fire as much as I want, knowing I can charge-up and keep having fun.

Review : Live365 App for Kindle Fire

Rating: ★★★★½ 

Official Site: Live365
Price: Free
Download :

When I am feeling down and need something to cheer me up, sometimes I wish I could be at one fo the Disney Parks. As a consolation, I can instead listen to Disney music from the Disney Parks. There are several different radio stations hosted on Live365, that play only Disney soundtracks and Disney Parks music. Thankfully, Live365 has released an app for the Kindle Fire.

Launching the app takes you to the Search and Genre selection. If you go to the More menu item, you can login or change general settings.

The Top Stations menu has an expected selection of popular stations that are available. The final menu item available is the My Presets selection. You will want to login to your Live365 account if you already have one, or sign-up for a new account.

Here we can see that I’ve logged in and it is display several Disney themed stations that I enjoy. Some of my favorite stations are the ones done by Mouse World Radio. Selecting one of the stations starts the stream buffering. You’ll notice the usual controls for an audio player, as well as info regarding the current track being played.

The app is not terribly complicated, and has a very usable interface. I’ve always enjoyed the Live365 service, and this is no exception. They have done a great job of making sure their apps work well on many platforms. It feels as if the proportions could be slightly improved for the Kindle Fire, but otherwise this is a great app for your Kindle Fire.

Review : Hotels in Orlando App for Kindle Fire

Rating: ★☆☆☆☆ 

Official Site: Hotels in Orlando
Price: Free
Download :

One of the large costs of traveling to Walt Disney World, is the cost of lodging. We’ve all searched the many discount travel sites to search for the right place to stay, that works within our budget. There are often a lot of variables to consider, and today’s app throws out an attempt to try to help.

Review : Disney’s Where’s My Water? for Kindle Fire

Rating: ★★★★★ 

Official Site: Disney’s Where’s My Water?
Price: $0.99
Download :

I previously reviewed Disney’s Where’s My Water? for the iPhone, and gave it 5 stars. Needless to say, the game is essentially the same on the Kindle Fire. Due to the similarity, I would recommend reading the iPhone review for more details, and I’ll talk a little about the differences here.

You’ll notice it has the same screens that you may already be used to, here with the holiday theme due to the time of year.

Review : WDW Resort Researcher App for Kindle Fire

Rating: ★☆☆☆☆ 

Official Site: Laughing Place Apps
Price: $1.99
Download :

As a visitor to this site, it is assumed that you are a Disney fan and are likely attempt to visit the Disney Parks as often as possible. The WDW Resort Researcher app intends to help you satisfy your resort planning questions.

The app starts with a sparse interface, presenting a list of resort options at the Walt Disney World resorts. If you select one of the resorts, it will present you with an overall rating with a few teasers of user provided reviews. Near the top you’ll see two buttons, one for pictures and the other is the price calculator.

CNET : Five ways to increase your Kindle Fire’s battery life

CNET has posted an article with some fairly obvious, but good reminders, on how to increase your Kindle Fire’s battery life.

Review : Stitcher – Internet Radio and Podcast App for Kindle Fire

Rating: ★★★★½ 

Official Site: Stitcher
Price: Free
Download :

Many people have come to associate their mobile devices as being audio devices. We download our music and podcasts to listen to while we are traveling and generally mobile. The Kindle Fire was designed as an e-reader first and tablet second. As such, the Kindle Fire doesn’t have an inherent ability to listen to podcasts. Stitcher has been available for the iOS devices for awhile, and now is available on the Kindle Fire to fill this podcast void. In general, the Stitcher app is designed to provide streaming access to radio stations and podcasts.

Disney Books for Your Amazon Kindle and Kindle Fire

Are you looking for some good Disney books for the Kindle or Kindle Fire you got for Christmas? Imaginerding.com has put together a list of Disney books they recommend! Did you purchase any good Disney ebooks?

Puffle Launch Updated to 1.2 – 12 New Bonus Levels

Club Penguin’s Puffle Launch has been updated with 12 new bonus levels, as well as bug fixes. I had tried to do the update while I was on the run, but it wouldn’t allow me to due to it exceeding 20MB in size. I was forced to do the update over Wi-Fi or by connecting to my computer. It feels as if Puffle Launch has lost some momentum, due to the success of Where’s My Water?. I’d expect full levels added, and more frequently than they’ve been appearing.

Official Description:

What’s New in Version 1.2
We hope you love Puffle Launch as much as we do. This update includes bug fixes, plus 12 new bonus levels!