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A couple days ago, we reported that Pirates of the Caribbean : Master of the Seas was teasing a Ghostly Seadog Contest for December 24th. The contest arrived on the 24th as promised. When I logged in on the 24th, I was presented with a pop-up saying:

Are you ready to take part in the hunt? A mysterious Ghostly Seadog has been wreaking havoc across the seas, waging battle, then vanishin’ in a flash. But be among the first 1000 to send her to her to the depths 10 times in the next 15 days and you’ll reap the rewards.

The apparent prize is a Ghostly Seadog Cannon worth 500 attack points and is labeled as “unsalable”.

Once I closed the pop-up, an additional status item was addd to the screen. The new status screen shows my progress, as well as the overall progress of other people in the game.

Based on a couple comments ( #1 and #2 ), it would seem people aren’t impressed with the contest. Did anyone conquer the Ghostly Seadog? Do you have any tips or tricks on how you beat the Ghostly Seadog?


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  1. It comes up as the picture above and you just battle it as you would a normal ship. It only had about 400 points of attack so i beat it in one go. I havent seen it since and when i beat the ship, it said something like “it will return in a couple of hours”.

    1. Does it just popup like a random sea chest or do you need to scroll through ships after you click into one?

  2. Hi,

    I did conquer the Ghostly Seadog 10 times on 2x of my iphones and got the rare canon.

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  3. gammingjunkey

    never seen the ship, can anybody tell me where to find it?

  4. Halobender

    Still don’t understand how to find the ship anyone?

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  5. […] in December, we had the chance to battle the Ghostly Seadog in Pirates of the Caribbean : Master of the Seas. Yesterday we had a similar pop-up, but it was slightly different and warned us of a new challenge […]

  6. How do you find the ship?

  7. Graveworm93

    First off, add me please: Graveworm93
    Secondly you will know when the ghostly seadog is around as the compass on the status bar will vibrate, simply look around the map, it looks exactly like the one in the picture, tap on it and it will come up as a normal battle screen but with the ghostly sea dog, also, it seems different people get different prizes as I would win a ghostly saber, still +500 attack. Just keep active on the game, do things that make the app load, such as battles, quests opening chests etc. I hope this helps.

    1. Thanks! this is the best explanation out there and is applicable to their new Rum challenge.

  8. When will the Cursed Sea Dog ship come back after defeating himonce because ive defeated him n i dont know when he will appear again?

  9. Still out to get him. add me landluver7

  10. I agree with graveworm93,
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  11. I can find the ship now but geez! This thing always has better stats than me no matter what I buy to improve stats!

  12. the compass will shake when the ghost ship is near. The best way is once you see the ghost ship and battle him, then back out and and reload the game. He will appear back in 5-10 minutes.

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  13. I like how they say it will return in a couple of hours. I’ve been on the game all day and only saw him the one time! I wonder how over 600 people have already beat him 10 times since yesterday?

    Anyway, add me, Tripcityca. I gift often!

  14. Spinguela

    Hey guys I just saw the cursed seadog but had no health to battle (it sucks). 718 members have already achieved the objective so far!! Please add me Spinguela!!!

  15. wanabepirate

    You’ll find the ship when your indicator is moving. The ship is huge like the one they show. You will only have one battle with it at a time and a lond one

  16. wanabepirate

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  17. Once again I battle and get defeated because his defense is almost twice mine! Mine isn’t terrible at about 2700 but his was almost 5k! How can I win…I’ve won twice and lost 5 times :(

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  19. dameonblack

    I can’t find durring the day anyone know of its only durring the night.

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